Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | August 5, 2009

Humboldt Sun Publicity Articles

 To read the articles below, you will need to have Adobe Reader.  If you click a link and are unable to read any of the articles, click this link first and install Adobe Reader (which is free). Each link will pop-up in a new window (so you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker if the article doesn’t appear in a new window.)

2009-08-14_Landfill Article
2009-08-11_Landfill Article
2009-07-28_Landfill Article
2009-07-14_Landfill Article
2009-06-26_Landfill Article
2007-05-08_Landfill Article



  1. It should be noted that the train itself would come up from the Bay Area thru Portola California and enter the state in Washoe county eventually making it’s way to Humboldt County east of Gerlach and return the same way. As indicated in my interogation of the Recology COO at the Humbolst County Commission meeting on August 3rd, he knows very little about the transportation and operational aspects of getting tis waste to Humboldt County, leaving it up to the Union Pacific R.R. By the way I’m sure he went away with a bad taste in his mouth after that meeting. I am proud of the way people stood up and spoke out agaist this proposed waste site repository. Rod Nelms UTU/ SLD/NV

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