Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | August 5, 2009

Letter from Tami Vetter [printed in Humboldt Sun]

Dear friends, family, and neighbors,

Ever since I learned the disturbing news that northern Nevada is involved in business deals with Jungo Land & Investments Inc. to allow millions of tons of garbage into our beautiful desert I have had many sleepless nights. The garbage will come from the San Francisco/northern California area for permanent storage. I have spent many hours researching the issues regarding this landfill.

I believe the elected officials do have the best interests of the residents in their hearts.  But in this case I believe that the detrimental long term effects on our region and the precious Nevada desert far outweigh other considerations. What if the people of northern Nevada don’t want the landfill here? The scary truth is that over two years ago the special use permit was issued in Humboldt County. The city/county ordinance was changed to allow for out of county waste. I know that other counties have been approached as well. It seems that California’s garbage problem has just become Nevada’s problem. Every three days the landfill will receive more garbage from California than Humboldt  county generates in an entire year. A project of this size poses many questions.

  1. How safe is a Class 1 landfill that brings 4,000 tons of garbage daily, which consist of household waste, diapers and perhaps medical waste, operating for at least 100 years?
  2. Will this garbage decompose or what will this garbage decompose into?
  3. What is the proposal to capture the poisonous methane gas that will be emitted into the air?
  4. What happens when a bundle of garbage is lost during transport and is blown across the desert?
  5. What is the life expectancy of the liner that holds the garbage in the earth and keeps the garbage from poisoning our water supply?
  6. How will we ensure that there are not toxic chemicals mixing in our water table?
  7. Is it possible that Jungo Land & Investments Inc. is only telling us the supposedly positive news and neglecting to tell us about the hazards and ill effects?
  8. Why is it that other communities have been blocking this northern California waste from coming into their area for the past 9 years or longer?
  9. Will the Class 1 landfill hurt property values in the whole region and drive away potential clean businesses from coming in? Who wants to live and work near landfills of this size?
  10. Are we willing to risk the health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones and our community for the sake of a small economic gain?

This would be the first landfill of its kind in northern Nevada. They propose to locate it in Humboldt County. How many more landfills will follow?  The landowner of this Jungo landfill site is Nevada Land & Resources Company, LLC which owns an excess of 1 million acres along the Interstate 80 highway corridor in northern Nevada. 

How will Nevadans feel if we allow northern Nevada to become the waste disposal site for the entire western portion of the United States? Why are we supposed to be the dumping ground for everyone else’s trash?

I am proud to live in northern Nevada. My family has been here for 4 generations. My great grandfathers settled here. I am proud and I respect the desert and its beauty. I feel this landfill represents an absolutely unacceptable risk to our regions air and water quality and our way of life. My sense of well being has already been destroyed, no matter how safe they tell us this landfill will be.

I pray and urge all of the counties in northern Nevada to do the right thing, come together, and do whatever it takes to prevent this landfill from devastating our way of life. My home is not California’s garbage dump. The desert is not a dumping ground. I care deeply about preserving our majestic open desert – our home, where we work, and play, and raise our children. 





  1. Thank you Tami for all the work you and others are putting into stoping this from happening to our beautiful home! It seems to me that the city of Winnemucca and Humboldt county have been trying to attract more tourism, buisness, and create a sense of pride in our community etc. in the past few years with project to beautify our streets i.e. encouraging buisnesses to clean, plant flowers and decorate the out side of their places in a welcoming manner, adding sidewalks and landscaping to previously disregarded areas, and even keeping dogs out of our parks to ensure they are clean and welcoming places, yet we are willing to take tons and tons of garbage from out of state? Seems like a mixed message if you ask me. How do we teach our children not to litter and to be proud of and take care of their beautiful desert enviroment where they live when they live next to a mountain of garbage! I look forward to helping with this cause.

  2. what a pro website!Iwould not want you ladies upset at me.I would add one question to your list.Lets see the financial records of all the”done deal”commissioners.I’m smelling something other than garbage.

    • I totally agree William………..thats the same thing that instantly crossed my mind……it was so quietly done………..and if there is concern……….why not hold a special vote………and see what the residents of winnemucca and humboldt county really think


    You can support this:

    -Tweet it out…yes, you can be as anoynymous as you want on Reference tweets on this topic using #noCAtrashinNV so we can create a ‘mass’ of tweets on the topic. FYI…after 2 tweets from me, within 3 minutes, a reporter from the bay area was following me. Example from one tweeter: Hokas1: #noCAtrashinNV How about archeological aspects and Native American usage?
    -Comment on the Facebook page for Winnemucca, NV…your views on this topic.
    -Letters to the editor like Tami Vetter did
    -Identify community and state leaders to write/email to
    -Go to the meeting tomorrow, Wed, 8/ 5, 6pm at the Martin and find out about how you can get involved, or where the petitions are that you can sign
    -Get initmate with what the Humboldt County Commission is doing. Personally, I’ve asked to see where the minutes are from the meeting today including the landfill topic, can be found so I can respond:

    Go Tami!

    Tracy Austin, Las Vegas

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