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Twitter ‘#noCAtrashinNV’

tracykaustin said
August 2, 2009 at 4:16 am

OK…it looks like a company called Nevada Land Resources, that holds a lot of land in Humboldt, Pershing and Lander counties is looking to sell/lease their land to a company based in San Francisco called Recology.

Recology’s claim to fame is zero-waste reduction in San Fransisco. While kudos goes to SF for having some of the most stringent recyclying rules and trash rules in the country; part of their plan SHOULD NOT BE TO DUMP 8000 tons of garbage on Jungo Road, 30 miles outside of Winnemucca, NV. That land is used for a)open range cattle; b) wild life; c)recreation….and is around a community that supports staff for some of the biggest gold mines in the country/world.

There is concern that if Recology doesn’t get the landfill outside of Winnemucca, they will go after Pershing/Lander where Nevada Land Resources also has land.

Much is being done to refute this as noted in this post.

I set up a TOPIC on twitter by the name of #noCAtrashinNV

If you do have a twitter account already, please submit your views on this situation by starting of your tweet with #noCAtrashinNV

Example of a tweet I sent out today:
#noCAtrashinNV Recology pursues zero-waste in San Francisco. Apparently part of the strategy is to move 8000 tons of it to Jungo Road, NV

If you do NOT have a twitter account:

-Go to and sign up. It is free. If you are concerned about personal information, provide little as you can. And, delete your account when this is over
-Write your ‘tweets’ in reference to the example above. The trend topic including the pound sign goes first

If you think twitter is ridiculous and non-effective, think about these things

1. The riots/pressure in Iran have been primarily reported to the world via twitter and facebook. Not local media. It has been communicated internationaly via these vehicles
2. I posted 2 tweets today using the topic #noCAtrashinNV in the beginning of my tweet. Within 3 minutes, a major reporter from Redwood City, CA started following me on twitter to see what I was saying on twitter about this topic
3. Competition supporting Recology and Nevada Land Resources will probably be savvy enough to use twitter and/or face book.
4. This tool, twitter (and, if facebook were used to), could get communications about this beyond Winnemucca, beyond Nevada faster and farther (world wide) AT NO CHARGE

If you think this issue doesn’t affect you:

1. The train goes thru the Sierras and Reno to deliver the trash to Winnnemucca
2. If Humboldt county gets this cancelled, it could affect Pershing and Lander counties

Share this with your friends and neighbors on the train path and in Humboldt, Pershing and Lander counties….twitter could be another channel (not the only channel/approach) to address this and communicate folks wishes.

Thanks for reading this far.


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  1. Correction: I understand REcology changed the tonage per day from 8000 to 4ooo in today’s Humboldt County Commissioners meeting.

    Still expected to be 200 feet tall (equivalent of about an 18-20 story building). And, oh, when the wind blows…it’s OK….there’s a temporary 8 foot containment fence. PLUSS garbage on top… Does any one else live in the desert? : )

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