Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | August 16, 2009

2009-08-03 Humboldt County Commissioner’s Mtg

If you missed the August 3rd County Commissioner’s meeting, here are three videos that capture some of the content covered during the meeting related to the proposed Jungo Road Landfill:

Clip #1 [9:48] Martha Dolan Questioning Recology COO George McGrath

Clip #2 [8:26] Attorney Bob Dolan Questioning McGrath

Garbage #3 [7:08] John Doyle, then Mike Palmer question McGrath

Please take a few minutes to review these videos and learn about the types of hazardous materials they intend to deposit in the landfill (e.g., asbestos), and that given the prevailing  winds, those materials could easily find itself in our airspace.

According to COO, George McGrath, the project needs to be economically viable. Therefore, it would seem that all we would need to do to get them to keep their garbage in California instead of allowing to import and dump it in northern Nevada is to make it anything but economically viable.

Links to various documentation related to the permitting process for the proposed Jungo Rd Landfill can be found on the DOCS tab above.  Also included on that tab are links to a number of articles that have appeared in the Humboldt Sun and links to Nevada Regulations for landfill facilities.

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