Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | August 21, 2009

KRNV – News – Headlines Aug 20, 2009

Rural No. Nevada site could be state’s largest landfill.
A planned landfill in a rural area of northern Nevada could be the largest in the state and filled with trash from northern California.
click this link for the news story and video.



  1. Nevada is known for its Gambling, not its garbage. Every state should take care of its own trash via recycling. I have lived her for going on 9 yrs and don’t appreciate people dumping their trash in my back yard! How would they like it if we sent our trash to California? The residents of California would scream bloody murder! I know this for a fact. The State of Nevada is not a dumping ground for other states, its full of history and enjoyment for those who live here. Say “NO” to using Nevada as a dumping ground for unwanted garbage. We got stuck with “Yucca Mountain” contaminated waste, now we get the nations “garbage?”

  2. California can dump their trash in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean like the cruise ships do.Open range is where cattle ranchers take their cattle to graze. You know those cattle. They end up on your dinner plate. Where are PETA and the Health Department on this one?

  3. We need to tell The Peoples Republic of California that the need to keep their own trash. Nevada is not a wasteland. There trash is their problem.

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