Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | August 26, 2009

KOLO – News – Headlines Aug 25, 2009

SF waste to Nevada: What it might look like
As opposition mounts to a proposal to ship Bay Area waste to the Nevada desert, a look at a similar landfill in a rural California county.
click this link for the news story.



  1. Thank you for reporting on this stupid garbage thing. If this company gets their foot in the door there is no telling where it will go in the whole state. Google in norcalbribery and see what that says. tell them to leave this state alone. its too wonderful to destroy.

  2. Winnemucca tell them to take a hike. Use Reno Disposal which was bought out by Waste Management as an example,our fees have tripled at the landfill because of the discounted rates that are given to all the California municipalities that now bring their garbage to the Lockwoow landfill.As a businees owner I called and asked why our fee went from $400.00 to $1100.00 and they would not explain it to me.I then asked what all these other communities from Ca. were paying and I was told that it was privaleged info. Be very careful Winnemucca.

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