Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | August 30, 2009

Statement read at the Aug 27, RPC meeting

Mr. Chairman, Commissioners, staff, and members of the audience:

Thank you for allowing public comment at this meeting. My name is Annie Drake and I am here to make a statement regarding my opposition to the Jungo Disposal Site, a project that received a Conditional Use Permit from this board in April 2007.

Before I start, I would like to request that anyone in the audience who is here in opposition to the Jungo Disposal Site raise their hands.

I first learned about this proposed landfill approximately six weeks ago. When I heard about a garbage dump being placed on the playa behind Blue Mountain, the first question that came to mind was, “Will the litter and bad smells affect us in Winnemucca?” My second question was, “What will happen to the amazing Playa?”
As I have researched landfill issues in general, the Jungo Disposal Site project in particular, and the processes of our county government, so many more questions have developed. At the top of the list is, “Could anyone really have had an accurate understanding of the magnitude of this proposed landfill?” And then, “How could having the largest acreage landfill in the state of Nevada be good for us???”
Originally I was coming tonight in search of answers to my many questions. I want honest answers and accurate information. More importantly, I want to be respectful of the Regional Planning Commission and it’s members. I realize some of you were here when the CUP to Jungo Land and Investments, INC. was issued and many of you were not. I feel the answers to questions that I, as well as many other Winnemucca and Humboldt County residents have, require review and possibly research by the Commissioners and staff. Tonight is not the right time or place to demand answers, and I would like to respectfully request that a time be set for this to happen.
At both County Commissioners’ and City Council meetings this month, a Town Hall Meeting was previously suggested regarding the landfill issue. I would implore this Commission to be involved in that meeting. We need answers to our questions regarding the issuance of the CUP. We need answers to our questions about the detrimental effects of the landfill. We need answers to our questions concerning the actual financial benefits of this landfill in our county, as well as what the costs could be. We need these answers so we can come to the best, most intelligent, most focused decisions regarding our opposition.

I am a fairly private person, so my involvement in this issue is not comfortable or easy. My passion, like so many others in this room, about protecting this community I call “home” and this beautiful area I call “a well-kept secret” has overcome my fears of publicity and has given me a voice on this issue. Please listen.



  1. Please…while it is great everyone is communicating to Nevadans Against Garbage, the Humboldt County Commissioners and Winnemucca City Council…and following their leadership to get this addressed, please communicate to the

    -Progressive Leadership of Nevada facebook page:

    -Winnemucca Nevada facebook page:

    -Harry Reid:

    -John Ensign:

    All the help that can be rallied to not have California trash dumped in Nevada must be rallied. ASAP.

    Statistics prove that while websites such as this are great for what happend; people do not check websites such as this for driving the future of change. We must be emailed to and
    ‘pinged’. The ONLY reason I’m getting updates on this website is because I proactively, as an individual, set up a google alert for ‘nevadans against garbage’. Otherwise, I’d not seen this recent post until i decided, in my own time, to check this web site.

    Please folks…get active and email/contact leadership inclusive of Winnemucca, Humboldt County, and state leadershipi. This site already posted contacts for Humbold County leadership This posting includes contacts for Nevada Senate.

    Tweet it out! Use the contact topic of #noCAtrashinNV

    Get the volume higher.


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