Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | September 8, 2009

San Francisco News

S.F. Might Start Outsourcing Its Trash to Cheaper States.
click this link to read the article.



  1. Wow Dan!
    Is your “guess” ever wrong. Plug in Jungo Road Landfill site into Google maps and take a look. You might also look at NDOW for wildlife surveys and migration routes along the river. Seeing is believing.

  2. Also to respond to DAN. What is wrong with this
    a)As I previously stated, the proposed site is near a water source. FYI: the site is near where cattle graze and people recreate. There are Native American, wildlife, and archeological considerations.
    b)The hosting price is lowballed, as confirmed by this article at $1 per ton. In addition, Recology will pay the state of CA $1.85 for storing that trash in NV. And, since they are pivately held, they are refusing to share their finances and/or project performa.
    c)Recology noted in their original application, no toxic waste. In the meeting video referenced in my first comment, they admit there will be toxic waste.
    d)Recology waffles on how many jobs it will provide. Maybe 25. Not a lot compared to the gold industry surrounding this town.
    e)This project will probably cost Winnemucca more. For example, there is only a volunteer fire department. Usually, landfills require more fire support
    f)Yes, this area is near a population of homes.

    There is a reason CA makes it expensive and difficult for companies like Recology to build this huge land fills. NV should do the same. And, certainly not be insulted with this low ball offer.

  3. To respond to “Dan’s” comment – NO IT IS NOT in the middle of NOWHERE. It is down the road from my beautiful home. Come to visit me when the winds blow in from the proposed dumpsite area! ALL the toxins and smell etc…make it to my house. If this Jungo Land and Investments, Inc. is able to hold up to what they say about being so environmentally safe then why don’t they KEEP THEIR GARBAGE in their OWN state. There is plenty of vacant land in California (which is NOT as close to homes as Jungo is).!!

  4. Winnemucca has not accepted or established any hosting fee. The proposed ‘hosting fee’, (confirmed as ‘cheaper’ in this article) was proposed by Recology. Many suspect it is low ball. Recology also refused, publicly to share their finances and project performa in a Winnemucca public meeting. Check out the video, , specifically at about the 6.35 mark. My hope is that after seeing this article Winnemucca will continue to fight the dump; and, if that’s not the case command a competitive hosting rate. Did you know that 3 days of trash from the bay area in this proposal equals a year of trash produced in Winnemucca? Did you also know that sewage waste sludge, abestos, and tires are part of this and that the site is by a water source? Surely, NV should check out these difficult CA rules and state fees in order to follow their lead and make it difficult for a land fill to be built.

  5. Ok, so what is wrong with this? My guess, this dump will be in the middle of nowhere, in an area that is not close to a densely populated area and probably not much wildlife.
    If the dump can operate properly, it will provide jobs and probably income for Humboldt County. So again, what is the problem?

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