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Reno Gazette Journal

Plan to dump Bay Area trash in Nevada draws fire
By Frank X. Mullen Jr. • • September 12, 2009
A waste management firm’s plan to ship millions of tons of California’s trash to a proposed landfill on a desert playa near Winnemucca has brought protests from Nevada residents who say the dump will pollute the environment and that the state shouldn’t be America’s trash bin.
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  1. Boo hoo! Land that is doing nothing (and could be privately owned) generating money for NV during this time I’m all for. Do any other states need to dump their garbage here too??? We could use the money with our current governing bodies. Besides, if it weren’t Californias garbage this would be a non-issue. “I don’t care how you did it in California” huh? Well I think how we do it in NV is stupid. We should’ve been hosting nuclear waste too and would have a budget surplus even in this economy. Guess what, nobody wants to spend any real money here so this is what we’ve got. Well, that and teenage pregnancy, high school dropouts, and suicides. By the way I am a lifelong Nevadan so don’t give me any “Go back to California”. Our state is a joke and I am ashamed to say that but it is true.

  2. Those in California pride themselves on being at the forefront of “green” initiatives, yet they do everything they can to pawn their waste on neighboring states. That being said, there is also some culpability on the part of the Humboldt County authorities for seeing “dollar signs” and a future revenue source. But this is an all-to-common theme with rural counties in Nevada – they give out these special use permits like candy to generate revenue, not thinking of the consequences, and being totally uninformed about what they are giving permission for these out-of-state businesses to do.

  3. Why does this country think that Nevada should take everyone else’s trash ?
    This is ridiculous. Why doesn’t California just develop ways of dealing with it’s own problems instead of dumping them on us ?
    Is this another good neighbor policy ?
    Which neighbor gets the short end of the stick ? Not a very hard question, is it ?

  4. The idea of shipping Northern California’s garbage to Nevada by train is not new. It was first proposed in the late 1960s’. I grew up in Reno and was in high school at that time. I did not like the idea then and I don’t like it now. I agree with the comments on re-cycling. I think the sources of California’s garbage (and, yes, I do live in Norcal, as my handle indicates) should continue to increase re-cycling efforts. Shipping garbage from one state to another is not the way to deal with the problem. All that does is shift the waste disposal problem to future generations. Future generations have been, and continue to be, burdened enough with past and current problems and mistakes. A line, and several more lines, have to be drawn somewhere. This bad idea is a good place to draw a line. Nevada has, historically, and continues to be viewed by the rest of the country as the federal government’s playground and the place to send garbage. Draw a line and “just say no!”

  5. “Even if there were some failure of the liners, there would be no danger to the aquifer,” Alberti said. “Water would have to travel uphill for that to occur.”
    Who is this man trying to kid? Anyone with any expertise in waste management knows that ALL LINERS FAIL!!!!
    Does he know how acquifers work? Acquifers are, in the most simplistic terms, a Storage VS Yield system. Recology states that they will be spraying water over the site continually to keep particulates from being disbursed by the prevailing winds in the area. (Anyone from Nevada knows about wind).
    As water is pumped from wells to spray onto the trash heap, it depleats the acquifer. Then as this water settles through the layers of garbage into the liner carrying caustic liquid – leacheate- THE LINERS FAIL!!!
    Now the ground water layer is compromised and we just wait for the day when we start finding contaminate levels in our drinking water that are too high for human consumption.
    Hang in there Fransway!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you Frank Murphy for a great article.
    1. Recology has offered Winnemucca $1 per ton. This is lower than what they pay in Ca.In fact, one article noted they also pay the STATE of CA a mandatory fee of $1.85 per ton even if they put the trash in NV.
    2. Money isn’t the real point. Fransway, French are right. The risks of storing 20,000 tons of trash per week for 95 years is unknown.
    3. Recology says the landfill MIGHT add 25 job.I In a community surrounded by some of the highest producing gold mines in the country, 25 jobs is not significant.
    4. Recology noted NO TOXIC waste in original permit; but we see thats not the case now.
    Tthank you Sen Reid for the letter. While Gibbons has the opportunity to do the honorable thing, I doubt he will step up. Reid should just call Pelosi and say, “Hey, Nance…you know that trash thing…just stop it.”
    Check out the web site for more information. Get involved. Nevada is not the US Dump Site:

  7. We already receive tons of trash from Sacramento every day. All those “Ruan” trucks heading to Lockwood are filled with California’s waste. We don’t need any more.

  8. Several weeks ago there was an article about toxic waste in several locations in NNV – on BLM land – the sites were fenced off but nothing had been done to remove the possibly toxic waste and/or reclaim the land for other purposes. There were some angry people wanting action to be taken. If this operation is approved there will be more angry residents asking for the government to fix what it took money for and we will lose again because it will be tax payer dollars that will have to be spent to clean up the mess.
    CA recycles all of it’s aluminum cans and plastic bottles – so we would be getting only the worst of the worst garbage. It is time to start thinking globally about how we live and consume things that when put back into the earth cause severe problems for future generations.

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