Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | September 24, 2009

A dialogue with the Mayor

Dear Mayor,
How did you arrive at,”a large minority” of residents who oppose the dump? Womens intuition? It sure wasn’t on the basis of any factual survey. Put your money where your mouth is – prove that a “large minority,” not, in fact, the overwhelming majority of Humboldt County residents are opposed to this garbage dump.
Thank you,
Richard Cook

The comments made were mostly based on timing. I have only spoken to one person, individually, from the press and that conversation took place approximately a month ago prior to the community actually
becoming as involved as they currently are. The people I spoke to at that time were both for and against the Recology project. The newspapers also quote me as saying this is a “done deal”. This comment was made regarding the ordinances (both City and County) that were passed to allow for a second landfill area and also allow outside the district solid waste – and yes those ordinance were done.
It is my job to make sure that I listen to all opinions – that I try to sort out the fact and fiction and provide all information to the public (and the Council). According to the Ordinance the landfill committee can recommend terms, conditions and fees should the State issue Recology a permit for the Jungo location. The County Commission will be the lead agency to conclude any negotiation if the permits are
I do worry about the financial status of local government. We do need to find ways to stimulate our economy but at the same time I do not want our economy negatively affected by any industry. I will continue to investigate all of the issues (both pro and con) and work on finding accurate answers for the questions asked. I do not have a vote but I will make sure the issues are discussed with documented information and that the public’s voice is heard.
Thank you for letting me know your thoughts.
Di An Putnam

Thank you for your prompt, thoughtful reply to my terse email. Emotions tend to run high on all sides of this issue but there is no excuse for rudeness, I apologize. My point is this – we, all of us – pro, con, undecided or indifferent, need to know the relative positions on this issue of all of the residents of Humboldt County (let’s start here) and, indeed, the entire State and all of the Western States; lest our state, eventually, becomes a vast landfill for the rest of the Country…
Sincerely, Richard Cook



  1. I would like to know what impact this will have on the community, be it jobs, and how will the garbage be transported things like that educate us inform us don’t let a bunch of close minded people decide this that all I ask.

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