Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | October 6, 2009

A Request for a open meeting to discuss the Jungo Landfill Project

Lets discuss the proposed Jungo Landfill issues
click this link to read the letter from the Nevadans Against Garbage.

The City’s Response – Answer to NAG’s Public meeting request
click this link to read the response letter from the city.



  1. I take exception with the mayor’s characterization of the joint meeting as “rediculous”. If any thing is rediculous about this entire process, it is the ostrich in the sand, wide eyed naivety at the “facts” substanciated by “positive objective reports of landfill success in other areas”. To suggest that there is no “tangible factual data” in support of the health risks and environmental mahem inherent in this proposal is ludicrous.

    If you want the real position of the mayor’s office to be explained, look at one key word in this response, liability. This city does not want to admit any power or authority to do anything about this landfill because they do not want to be held accountable for either the potential legal ramifications if it is stopped or the potential future legal liability if it is not.

  2. Re the Mayor’s letter, can someone explain to me, then, what authorities the governing bodies do have?

    Is there a news article or document already written about that?

    Seems like it may make things a bit clearer on who to ask for what in terms of stopping this land fill and/or a town hall meeting.

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