Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | October 24, 2009

Let’s take a look at what constitutes hazardous (toxic) waste

Under the amended county ordinance, the proposed Jungo Landfill will be allowed to accept hazardous waste. A lot of people don’t realize how dangerous hazardous waste is or what it consists of. To find out more about hazardous/toxic waste, click this link.



  1. Subject: Definition of Hazardous Material and the Ammended County Ordinance 10-15-2007

    Amended County Ordinance 10-15-2007:

    1)The summary statement for this amendment (see the document) and the public notice on 10/5/07 didn’t even mention that the changes to this ordinance gave the board and council authorization to contract for hazardous waste. See section 13.12.270 That seems like a pretty big deal to me. Given local officals continue to avoid addressing the fact-based concerns and questions about this landfill, I certainly wouldn’t want them to be negotiating and managing programs and contracts for hazardous waste. Can we recall or repeal this ordinance?

    Conditional Use Permit

    1. Both the CUP application from Recology and the NDEA Director’s review and the construction permit state there will be no hazardous waste. Given the link posted here, I understand waste sludge and abestos to be hazardous waste. Is that an accurate understanding? Recology has stated they will bring in hazardous waste in the form of waste sludge and abestos. How can the CUP be valid if the application is false? (yes, I know that is the gist of Dolan’s petition…but this is common sense, folks).

    2. It’s been brought up before; but the facts are: the CUP was approved (4/12/07) before it was legal to have a second landfill, much less one that allows for hazardous waste (that ordinance had an effective date of 10/26/07). How can this CUP be valid?

    Seems like the CUP is invalid due to the ordidnance, and Recology has no business looking to fight the county when their CUP application is false if their CUP is revoked.

  2. Here is an EPA site that lists and tells about air pollutants. It doesn’t sound good to me, given that California may be between the 5th and the 10th largest economy in the world. The 9 county Bay Area must account for a large part of that economy; does that mean, we in Humboldt County are liable to receive toxic waste in considerable volume?

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