Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | November 1, 2009

Looks like Norcal (Recology) left a few things out at the state level and obviously the local level

In the NDEPs view, the suspect soils (landfill bottom being almost directly adjacent) in combination with being located in a Seismic Impact Zone (NAC 444.6793) present a problematic site condition.
The NDEP will not assume “no leakage” through the liner, nor remove from consideration further protective measures for the groundwater as the site is restricted (NAC 444.678 Location restrictions: Generally. (NRS 444.560) The location of a Class I site must: Unless approved by the solid waste management authority, not be within 1,000 feet of any surface water or 100 feet of the uppermost aquifer if the site is approved after September 2,1992. To view the document, click here



  1. They are going to make a huge pool.. and fill it with garbage.. leaks and stench that will have no equal. This has got to be completely illegal…. The clean up will be a factor of 10 more expensive then the money Norcal/Recology will be paying the county…

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