Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | November 2, 2009

Let your voice be heard – Vote

We have placed a poll on our website so you can show your opinion. Click on the link below – you will go to a Poll statement page where you must click on the “All polls for nevadansagainstgarbage” above the statement. That link will take you to the voting page – you will see the statement again – click on it and cast your vote.
Click here to VOTE



  1. The recent train derailment at Valmy, Nevada is just an example of what a toxic waste train would look like when in a major derailment. Instead of tomato paste, flat screen tvs, or chinese house slippers, the contents would be toxic waste and sludge from California, what a terrible thought. Train derailments and incidents do occur, it is part of the hazard and cost of doing railroad business. Let it be said, “I hope our pro dump elected officials take another look at this waste proposal, and just say no.” Rod Nelms UTU-SLD NV.

  2. No landfill

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