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Govenor Takes a Stand – For Immediate Release: November 6, 2009

Carson City – Governor Jim Gibbons today announced his intention to sponsor a major initiative to completely eliminate landfills as we presently know them. “There have been huge leaps in recycling technology,” Governor Gibbons said, “We can conserve natural resources, create clean energy and create jobs by looking at landfills not as places where we bury our trash, but as places where recycling and energy recovery begin.”

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  1. Recology plans on shipping sewer sludge, asbestos, tires, and household trash. Recology has already stated that all of the recyclable materials will be removed on the “front end”, in California. What would that make Winemucca, the back end? How nice of them.
    The idea that any state sending anything valuable to Nevada when they can extract the money out of it themselves, just goes against human nature, and is beyond ludicrous. If there were any value in the garbage that Recology wants to dump here in our back yard, they would keep it for themselves. On the contrary, it’s all about how Recology can make millions of dollars by forcing it on us. Recology is Waste-Zero for California, sewer sludge and asbestos for Nevada.

  2. It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. In this case it is a Dell keypad I use in an attempt to lighten your mood and excite your imaginations. This is my tongue-in-cheek ranting and raving for the day we became blessed with a new kind of economic hope.
    Wow, I have had this hunch for awhile now, that shipping all of that construction and demolition debris, sewer sludge, asbestos, tires, and other trash over here to The Silver State From California truly is a great idea! One must wonder though: what is left to recycle out of the already commercially stripped waste stream that will reach the proposed Jungo landfill? According to Norcal/Recology (Waste Zero), they will have already extracted all of the recyclables out of the trash before it gets loaded on the trains to be sent here to Nevada for burial.
    Perhaps Mr. Gibbons would be willing to step down as Governor in exchange for a wonderful, high paying job on the sorting line? Can you see it? “sludge sludge, asbestos bag, tire, chipped-tire, bags and bags of household waste, whoa there’s a paint can— better throw it back on the train; it might cause damage to the environment. But wait, we don’t care about the environment— we don’t need no stinking environment” — pun intended. Seriously though, Jim is probably better suited for a job in one of the marvelous gasification plants. Why, with his executive experience he is more than qualified to run the place, and still maintain a high ranking position in which he could accept bribes from waste companies. Of course, I am just kidding around here. We all know that Big Jim would never do anything criminal like accepting bribes.
    Really folks, let’s put on our thinking caps and get creative. Let’s give trash a chance. Maybe in thirty years when we have a 200 foot tall mountain out off of Jungo Road, we can cover it with a high density polyethylene plastic liner and pump water out of the poisoned aquifer all the way to the top. You see where I’m going with this, right? The worlds largest contaminated water slide!!! Yay!!! And with the methane flares firing off the collected gasses at short intervals all night long, it’s bound to be a huge hit with Burning Man enthusiasts and other high-tech party people from around the globe. Any extra methane that isn’t used for “fire art” could power mini-gas-balloon-gondolas so “sliders” could ride to the top in real style. Who knows, maybe there will be enough gas generation by then to power the trains coming and going to California. Or, maybe not.
    Economically friendly? Hell yeah! Why, such an attraction could probably fetch about 40 to 50 dollars (U.S.) a day for fun seeking revelers to come and slide down, get this — you’re gonna love it — Sludge Mountain!! And if that turns out well, the pile of garbage could be used in the winter as a ski resort, complete with obstacles and parks formed out of chipped tires and frozen bags of asbestos! Wow, the Governor might be on to something with this zero waste idea. The possibilities seem endless, do they not?
    After the first section of land is transformed into Sludge Mountain, maybe the State would help fund an expansion and build three more sections of “zero waste”: D and C Hill, Asbestos Peak, and Big Black Butte (made from tires, chipped of course). The 2500 acre complex could be called The Wastelands Range. The valleys between these zero-waste mountains could sport romantic names such as “Lost Forever Canyon”, “Gone But Not Forgotten Gulch”, and “Misery Draw”. On the South Side of this huge economical boon, where maximum evaporitization would occur, we could develop the beautiful, scenic Leachate Lake! Perhaps we could lobby the new Governor to introduce a mandate for it.
    Just imagine how much money developers might generate if they could build a small city around The Wastelands Range. We could name it “Zero-Waste City and Resort”, and then raise the price to 300 (U.S.) dollars for a day and nights stay. If people are unable to pay that modest amount for a wonderful day and night of toxic slippricity (I know, slippricity isn’t a word, yet) they could simply work off the price of admission by laboring next to Mr. Gibbons in the gasification plant. Some of the more robust folks might even choose the option of the sorting line if given a choice. Sludge sludge, asbestos bag, tire, chipped-tire, bags and bags of household waste, paint can. Sounds like a great job opportunity to me. I’ll be sure to apply as soon as the trains start rolling. It’s going to be a win-win scenario no matter how you stack it up.
    Oooh, oooh, I just had another great idea! Zero-Waste city and Resort could have it’s own fountain similar to the one at Caesar’s Palace, except instead of wasting all of that precious water, we could pump giant liquid plumes of garbage juice straight from Leachate Lake, hundreds of feet into the air. It would help evaporate the poisonous chemicals— into the air (I’m sure that with just a little tweaking of the environmental laws, NDEP would approve it). Now that would be a real spectacle. We could name it Gibbons Fountain. The dust storms will blow the fumes all the way to Salt Lake City and points beyond. We could install a large gold plated plaque which reads “Governor Gibbons: a truly a great, innovative leader. May his deeds follow him very closely through all of time”.
    Once a year on the anniversary of the grand opening of Sludge Mountain and Zero-Waste City Resort we could rally around the plaque in front of the toxic fountain and burn an effigy of Big Jim in honor of the legacy he left for future generations of Nevadans. I’ll bring the charcoal lighter and a match. Can’t wait to see you there.

  3. While this is a great direction for Nevada, I want to be sure we don’t confuse this with any real Govenatorial support to stop the Jungo Road land fill.
    Specifically, direction this focuses on mandating a certain level of recoverable waste. Recology has noted that they will be bringing in only non-recyclable waste.
    Unless, of course this press release means the Govenor would mandate you can’t bring in waste unless a certain % is recoverable (but how does that tye into the trade laws referenced?). My skeptiscism tells me Recology would just, then propose bringing in more trash including recyclables.
    Anyway, my point is, just some caution on what this press release means and doesn’t mean to the Jungo Road Land fill. If any one has any other insight, or background, please share!

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