Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | November 11, 2009

Las Vegas Sun November 11, 2009

One state’s trash…
Promisingly for Nevada, planned show plant aims to turn waste from other places into energy.
Read the Sun article by clicking here.
Gov. Jim Gibbons and others are proposing that Californians pay for a state-of-the-art recycling and waste-to-energy plant that could turn that garbage into much-needed revenue.
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  1. I think a state of the art garbage facility for california garbage would be great….in california.

  2. Tracy, both you and Steve are right. The Jungo Road Landfill project in no way, can be held up as anything other than a pile of garbage, stripped of anything of value, being buried in one of the least desirable places in Humboldt County, for that purpose. Given the topography, location, proximity to underground water, propensity for flooding, and the prevalent winds the proposed landfill, if allowed to proceed, will no doubt impact the lives of Nevadans, in a negative way for generations. It is simply the wrong place for a Mega landfill. The facts are undeniable it would be bad for Humboldt county and bad for our neighbors in down stream.
    Nevada and Humboldt County needs to become creative in attracting industry and revenue streams that do not impact our environment negatively. They’re out there, we need to be aggressive in our persuasion, that Humboldt County is a viable location for their businesses; and make it so.

  3. I think Tracy Austin says it all. What Gibbons is talking about and what is headed for Winnemucca are two totally separate and different things. No where in Recology’s plan of operations is there anything like what the Governor is proposing. It would be a mistake to confuse the two subjects.

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