Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | November 18, 2009

The Silver Pinyon Journal – Thursday, October 15 2009

Nevadans Against Garbage reaches out through social networking sites
Jungo spokesmen taking a more traditional route
Read the Silver Pinyon article by clicking here.
In the battle for the hearts and minds of Humboldt County residents on the issue of the proposed Jungo Rd. landfill, each side is taking a varied approach in their efforts to make contact with the public.



  1. Mr. Hill’s comment is perfectly accurate. The waste on the NAG demonstration trailer is 1)mostly recyclable, and 2) small enough in volume to be monitored closely.
    “Household waste” would be too dangerous and disgusting to dump on a flatbed and walk with in a parade. What’s in your bathroom wastebasket?
    Do you trust your fellow man to ALWAYS behave responsibly concerning that shiny white garbage bag that they drop into the dumpster outside of their apartment buildings and businesses? If you break one of your compact fluorescent bulbs, do you immediately contain and separate that from your other “household waste”? what about batteries? Do you believe that diligent sorting of hazardous household waste including expired prescriptions, syringes, (medical waste) is going on at a frenzied pace in California to protect Winnemucca residents?
    Do the math. “…a mere half-percent” of 4000 tons per day of asbestos, sewage sludge, and shredded tires is 40,000lbs PER DAY!

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