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The Las Vegas Sun December 6, 2009

California’s trash…
A few months ago Gibbons visited California to tour a San Jose recycling plant at the request of a couple of Gibbons’ friends, whom Hettrick declined to identify.
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The issue is causing concern among Nevada trash haulers, who say a mandate to recycle will lead to higher trash rates.
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  1. Gov. Gibbons has been recycled and now thinks like Gov Schwaizenegger. The end is near for NV.

  2. OMG! this state has gone crazy!this trash for cash is out of control – it is one thing to recycle our own trash and here is a fyi most small towns in Nevada do not! but to bring out of state nasty trash here!Mr.Jim Gibbons have you lost your mind?Here in Winnemucca we are in the fight of our lifes with Recology of Calif. to keep their solid waste.And Not bring it here!People we need to stop this madness or we all will be living with megadumps next door and here is another fyi Mr.Gibbons, These other state do not want to send us (nevada) the good stuff (whatever) – it is all the non useable solid waste,get it NON RECYCLEABLE SOLID WASTE! This land is not for sale for megadumps – Join Nevadans Against Garbage.Com & on facebook -Thank you to the good people of Nevada, not you Mr .Jim Gibbons.

  3. I truly like the idea of setting a goal for 75 % of trash to be recycled. And, while I certainly applaud the direction of turning trash into something productive economically and environmentally, I want to be sure people don’t confuse this approach with the reality of some of the landfills.
    Specifically, the situation in Winnemucca and the Jungo Road Land fill should not be lumped into a waste management proposal focused on recycling and energy recovery. The trash that is proposed for Jungo Road is 5000 tons of trash 5 days per week for 95 years consisting of hazardous waste (human waste sludge and asbestos), and very specifically, nonrecyclables in today’s technology. Recology, the company proposing this land fill would take all of the recyclable items out, in California, before bringing the rest of the waste in via train to Jungo Road.
    In addition, the lack of followup on the environmental issues and the political approval process for the Jungo Road debacle brought forth by local citizens to local officials, has driven concerns about the environmental safety of the project higher than the proposed land fill.
    The site is on top of an active aquifer and near seismic activity. No environmental study has been required or offered; much less performed. Only Harry Reid has moved forward to get a USGS study on the aquifer.
    Hettrick and Gibbons also seem to believe that Nevadans want their state to be turned into a dump. I haven’t seen any polls or votes that support that. Hettrick states ‘this is the right thing to do environmentally’. An extremely dangerous statement without the facts.
    Nevada needs to be very, very, very careful before flashing a neon sign “Your Trash Welcome Here” as Gibbons and Hettrick seem to be promoting.
    Look out, Nevada. With such leadership from Gibbons and Hettrick, this ‘open for trash’ concept could get pretty messy for more than just Winnemucca. Gee, I wonder where else Recology has purchased land in Nevada for their storage of non-recylcables with hazardous waste?
    For more details on the issues raised and to support stopping the Jungo Road Land Fill, just outside of Winnemucca:
    Show your support even if you are under 18 or not a Winnemucca/Humboldt County Resident by signing the estatement
    Join the N.A.G. Facebook Group at:

  4. I’m apposed to California’s trash (picked clean of all recyclables) getting dumped here in Nevada. States rights should take presidence in matters like this because eco wieners running the state of California have passed so many goof ball laws they ended up outlawing common household trash in their own state. Let them deal with breaking the stupid laws they themselves created. Maybe somebody will finally do the right thing by putting some of those idiots in jail where they belong.

  5. Gibbons staff wouldn’t disclose the people he was meeting with. Gibbons and his new cronies get shadier and shadier. 1 year Gibbons. I hope your Friends don’t get caught lying on the witness stand during your public divorce trial. Your the most corrupt, do nothing politician. Did these waste management companies contribute to your campaign and legal defense fund?

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