Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | December 8, 2009

The Humboldt Sun December 8, 2009

Recology failed to clarify which communications it considers distorted and/or false. I believe that Recology is disseminating false or inaccurate information.
For example, in August 2009, Recology’s Chief Operating Officer, George McGrath, stated on record before the Humboldt County Board of Commissioners that municipal solid waste would comprise 99 percent of the waste received, and that tires, sludge and asbestos would comprise less than 1 percent. Not True!
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  1. I am sure anyone who thinks about it realizes the proposed landfill will be a permanent blight, but it deserves emphasizing. The language describing the project gives “95 years” as its time frame. I believe that refers to how long trash will be dumped. After the last rail car is unloaded and the last loader shoves that trash into the last position, and it’s all covered over (and where is all the cover soil coming from for 95 years? and how deep will that final cover be? and can you imagine that much more cheat grass and russian thistle growing on it?)…it is going to be there for next to forever. How long will it take for the biodegradable portion of the trash to decay…in Northern Nevada’s environment? How long do tires last in a landfill? Our great-grandchildren’s grandchildren will be pointing out this man-made eyesore on the playa to their great-grandchildren. What a shame the short-sightedness of certain planners and so-called leaders can’t visualize what they are helping bring about.

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