Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | December 21, 2009


Senator Feintsein introduces legislation to protect California Desert
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)says she plans to introduce legislation today to establish two national monuments on roughly 1 million acres of Mojave Desert
Why is it OK to protect California’s desert while at the same time, send millions of tons of garbage to Nevada’s deserts? (HatTip to William on Discussion)
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  1. I am aware that Senator Reid has initiated a study to be carried out by the USGS to determine the negative impact the proposed Jungo landfill would have on groundwater in the Humboldt River Basin and surrounding area over the next 200 years. Several other Nevada politicians have also stated that they don’t want Nevada to be the dumping ground of the nation. If these politician’s statements are true, then why are they not pursuing similar protections for the desert lands here in Nevada? Maybe it is time for our state and federal representatives to get serious about stopping this environmental tragedy before it gets entrenched here. This could be done by introducing and passing legislation to preserve and protect our desert wildlands from greedy corporations.

  2. I saw this article over the weekend. Feinstein needed to be sure no landfills would ever be built there. Better to send it to another state. Out of sight, out of mind, an CA. stays oh so “green.”

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