Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | December 23, 2009


Politicians join in opposition of Northern Nevada landfill
We come from different political parties and different parts of the state, but we have long shared the view that Nevada should not be a dumping ground for other people’s waste.
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What do Harry and Dean have in common?
They both believe the Jungo Landfill project is bad for Winnemucca and bad for Nevada.

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  1. I don’t know if Recology’s proposed landfill will actually be 20 stories tall when completed. It boggles the mind to imagine layers of trash and dirt that high and heavy equipment chugging around so far above the ground to spread it out and cover it over. With train cars rolling in non-stop, they’ll have to add hauling equipment and vehicles to move that trash up and up and up. It could be, I suppose; consider the mine waste/leach pad off Star Peak by Rye Patch. Big and ugly. But my point, if this waste pile will really be 20 stories tall, is this: won’t it be the tallest man-made structure in Northern Nevada by far? The tallest object between Salt Lake City and Reno (barring, perhaps, some transmission towers, maybe a smokestack at Valmy)? Who, in their right mind, could be proud of introducing such a monstrosity to our landscape in exchange for any amount of money?

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