Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | December 26, 2009

The Lincoln County Record – December 24, 2009

Commissioners Approve Rate Increase Deny Letter of Support
The agreement states that the increase can be up to six percent, but Assistant District Attorney Daniel Hooge said it was going to be six, because Norcal (now known as Recology Waste Zero) would go for the maximum amount.
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  1. The amount of waste that Recology plans on bringing to Humboldt County, and the amount of money they would like to pay for dumping it here remarkably resembles the amounts and figures proposed for Lincoln County. Well, Lincoln County does not appear to have been treated so rightly by Recology. What makes our local officials believe that Recology has our community’s best interest in mind with their proposal to turn Desert Valley into a mega-dump? It is amazing that our County Commissioners, Landfill Committee, Regional Planning Commission, and Development Authority do not see the red flag being presented to us by our neighbors down in Lincoln County.

  2. “Ronda Hornbeck was the only current member sitting on the Commission in 2006 when the contract with Norcal was signed, but reminded everyone she voted against it.”

    And I bet the reason she is still there is BECAUSE she voted AGAINST the landfill. This should serve as a lesson to the officials in Humboldt County. Support Recology and this project at your peril.

  3. To bad they didn’t negotiate the contract to say that they expect the increased revenue payment by a certain date regardless of the status of the LA deal since Recology noted it was ‘a done deal’. So, now Lincoln County has less revenue from their deal with Recology and higher hauling rates for their citizens that will increase annually unless they are strong armed into writing a letter of support for Recology????

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