Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | February 9, 2010

Coastside Scavenger Set to Become Recology: Higher Rates Built on Fraud February 9, 2010

The contract is slated to be awarded to Recology in exchange for a fat eight-year contract that opens at current rates but allows for even higher rates as soon as August 2010.

The emailed council agenda packet was sent and arrived at 1:18 Friday afternoon, February 5. Coincidentally, city hall closes at 1:30 on Friday afternoon.
The council meeting is on the following Monday, so there’s really no time to react, and certainly the unwashed public won’t know what hit ’em.

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It seems that a somewhat similar scenario developed recently when Recology was placed on the Humboldt RPC docket as a “consent agenda” item. That means the pending extension to the CUP is noncontroversial and unless someone objected, it would have been passed without discussion. Until someone found out, that is. To view the video click in the image below:



  1. Perhaps with the millions of dollars Humboldt Co. will be raking in by taking 8 million pounds of CA. trash a day, they could spend a few bucks and purchase a decent sound system so the people that attend these meetings can actually hear what’s being said. Or is that done on purpose? Much like the fact that most of these types of meetings are held in the middle of the day, when people with conventional working hours aren’t able to attend.

  2. Thanks Again , Leanne for addresing the County Commisioners Meeting, YOU ROCK…….way to make them be aware of the way agendas are supposed to be handled..

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