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Commissioners vote to hold hearing on appeal of extension of CUP on March 15, 2010; contrary to the urging of the Deputy District Attorney.
Click here to view Angie Elquist’s remarks.

If you missed the March 1st County Commissioner’s meeting, here is a video that captures some of the content covered during the meeting related to the proposed Jungo Road Landfill:

Clip #1 [8:57] Attorney Bob Dolan making the point that any citizen has standing in the Jungo landfill issue

During the comment period, one citizen, John Siegfried of Winnemucca, cited a study requested by the Humboldt Development Authority and conducted by the Nevada Commission on Economic Development. Mr Siegfried claimed to want the citizenry to be fully informed on the landfill issue, and feared failing to approve this project would result in legal proceedings against the county. It would also send the wrong message to other businesses that may want to locate here.

Clip #2 [6:40] Mr. John Sigfried continues to peddle the same old Recology/Nevada Economic Development Study as gospel when it comes to determining what the economic impact to the county will be.

We totally agree with Mr. Siegfried that the voters should be fully informed. Here is the rest of the story. This study was paid for with Nevada taxpayers dollars. The figures used in this study were furnished entirely by Recology and not some disinterested third-party with nothing to gain monetarily. [For insight into the numbers Click Here]

There has never been any follow-up done by the Nevada Commission on Economic Development to determine how accurate their claims have been in past studies.

Recology/Norcal has a very public track record. Without going into detail, just look at what has happened in Lincoln County. Do you trust their numbers and claims?

Click here to read the article

We do not believe the members of this community and county are saying no to business and economic development. We believe citizens are saying no to dirty, polluting industry which will very likely ruin the local environment, decimate our property values, deter future clean industry, and pose significant health risks to ourselves, our children, and their children for decades. We are not willing to sacrifice our quality of life for short-term monetary gain. As some are.



  1. I for one and others in business who create jobs here “believe” many people in Winnemucca and the surrounding area are growing tired of this organizations attack on an industry that will support the community with jobs, tax revenues and new technology opportunitities for the next 100 years. John Siegfried is one of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the community and even in his retirement applies that skill and insight to better the area for future generations. When i read your quote from above “We believe citizens are saying no to dirty, polluting industry which will very likely ruin the local environment, decimate our property values, deter future clean industry, and pose significant health risks to ourselves, our children, and their children for decades” one could apply that to most any business including mining in rural Nevada. Your organization has become dangerous to the community.

    • Excuse me but have you tried to justify the numbers that John is peddling as credible?
      If we use the same relationship of the number of jobs to the economic impact to the community of the mining industry the numbers below represent that economic impact in Humboldt County.
      Economic impact each year of operation ……………………………..$286,593,450
      Economic impact any year of new mine development …………$2,848,738,893
      Local revenue impact through sales/property taxes……………..$141,777,326
      State revenue impact through sales, property and MBT taxes…..$77,052,894
      If this were true the streets in Winnemucca would be paved in gold.
      My last question is in what way do you believe NAG has become dangerous to the community?

    • This article at , does a great job of explaining the fallacy of the economic case, quotes the NAG comment above, as well as explains that the numbers that went into the business case were all from Recology with no 3rd party review.


      Including the Dr of Data/Stats and head of the HDA. He should’ve known the math didn’t work. Are we surprised the business case was presented in a way to rock our world when the numbers were only provided by Recology?

      Recology says 20-25 jobs. And they will TRY to fill them locally. How much of that will happen, do you think? Maybe the 4 litter pickers? And, as for the construction build, they will TRY to use local groups. Golly gee, there’s a resource dearth up there for those companies. How much you want to be the contract goes to an out of towner(s) where construction has dropped off big time and the unemployment rate is 4-5% higher than Winnemucca? Try Las Vegas. And do you really think Winnemucca will benefit from any tax benefits for the state of Nevada given their budget shortfall at the state level?

      And tell me, what are the new technology alternatives to taking in what is considered non-recyclable trash, along with risking the environment at an unestimated cost. or, are those technology options just ‘promises’?

      And, frankly,Recology has been very public about the fact they get a cheap deal hauling this stuff to Jungo Road than in California. They will make more money. Oh, and have you looked at Lincoln County lately? Recology’s other state-relationship? They didn’t get the estimated payment from Recology because Recology couldn’t sign up LA as a customer. But, Recology did raise trash hauling fees 6%.

      And if you represent a countable opposition, speak up and say who you are. Hopefully, you’re not just working on a college project. This is real life for most of us.

    • So I guess what I’m hearing from ovetra is that citizens do not have the right or obligation to speak out when they feel that something is wrong? They don’t have the right to question their elected representatives? We should just go along because others know best what is good for us? Jobs are all that matter, not what kind of jobs or industry that brings them? John Siegfried has the right to speak out but the rest of the people of this community do not?

      If you think that the term “dirty polluting industry” can apply to most any business, then start naming them. I look at our clear skies and drink our clean water, and none of these businesses come to mind, including the mines. Mining is subject to Environmental Impact Statements. Mining is closely regulated and has worked hard to establish an excellent reputation in the area. To compare mining with a garbage dump of this magnitude is ludicrous and insulting.

      The bottom line here is that ovetra thinks that a square mile of toxic garbage piled 200 feet high over a 95 year period and within 35 feet or so of an active aquifer and watered down daily with a mixture of leachate, sewage sludge and water is SAFE…..And, a grass roots organization of citizens concerned about their community, environment, health and safety is DANGEROUS. Right!

  2. This is a great posting. Thanks much. It really gives those of us not there a feel for the challenges. Also it’s great to expose the source of the numbers on the economic model. I’m truly surprized the HDA didn’t catch that themselves.

    • Well. The only true statement from Mr. Siegfried is that the impact will not be zero. And I like that he says that everyone should look at the facts.. good too.. But.. other facts include:
      2. No company can guarantee that they will be here for 95 years!! so that is a lie.. A LIE!!!
      3. The county will have this leaking landfill FOREVER! Who will pay for that?
      4. Property values near huge dumps go down and deter people from staying there and moving there.

      So, yes Mr. Siegfried, the effect will not be zero.. It will be a horrific expense of anyone left in the county when they discover that this dump has created an environmental disaster. Maybe the billboards can be changed to say, “Come and see the Nevada’s largest environmental disaster this side of the Mississippi.” Nice tourist trade and you can keep your gas mask and you will need to bring your own water.

      • And let’s not forget that it’s not only us here in Winnemucca that will be affected, but also our neighbors in Pershing County.

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