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In spite of a very vocal outpouring of opposition at the public hearing held in Winnemucca in August 2009, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Air Pollution Control has just issued the Air Quality Permit requested by Recology and necessary for the construction of the Jungo Landfill.

A letter from NDEP to concerned citizens including questions and answers about the permitting process are included.Click here to read the letter

To review the issued permit click here or go to the Docs Tag and view “CLASS I AIR QUALITY OPERATING PERMIT TO CONSTRUCT”



  1. Had to chuckle when I read this article in the Las Vegas Sun this morning about the concern renewable energy has raised regarding the safety of the sage grouse.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great article by Stephanie Tavares. But, I did have to comment as it relates to the Jungo Road Landfill.

    I just found so much irony in the article. Here we have renewable energy coming in. Not withstanding the sage grouse issue, generally this type of industry is perceived as positive for the environment and the economy. Yet, we have the BLM, US Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and the State Wildlife Division all involved. We even have a Governor’s Sage Grouse team. Certainly, a dillegent effort around the environmental considerations! Outstanding!

    The irony? Well,here we have Recology, looking to train in 4000 tons of NON-RECYCLABLE trash (includes waste sludge, asbestos, tires) per day from California, 5 days a week for 95 years and dumping it in the Black Rock desert (Jungo Rd, Winnemucca). The site is in a seismic zone. Recology is looking to get an exception to Nevada statute to place their landfill closer to an active aquifier than code allows. The State Department of Wildlife has not been involved. The Govenor refuses to help because he can’t mess with inter-state trade laws. Recology refuses to perform an environmental impact study, and local government won’t make that a condition of their permit. The state Bureau of Air Pollution Control (BAPC) of the NDEP just issued Recology a final permit to build (more permits still needed).

    When asked if they considered the impact of landfill fires on air pollution, The BPAC said they didn’t because Recology didn’t indicate fires were part of the normal operations of the landfill. When asked if the BPAC measured air polution risks in their model for this project from fugitive dust, the BPAC said the law does not allow for fugitive dust, so Recology will operate the landfill as to assure there is no fugitive dust. And I quote…”must operate such that no dust is removed from the site by wind”. They also go on to note that they don’t evaluate the impact of dust storms on the playa and any air pollution from the landfill because, again, the site must operate without any dust escaping.

    I certainly hope all the dust on the playa is paying attention to the law. Recology will need its’ cooperation beyond their dust control techniques.
    It’s kind of like never testing an auto in a crash situtation because all of the drivers promise they’ll operate in such a manner that they never crash. While there is more comedy I could share. I’ll leave it at this.

    Ironic. In the event the legal appeals, and Reid’s new TRASH Act don’t stop this, maybe we can round up some Sage Grouse to move into the landfill site so we can stop this thing.

  2. Remember War is a long drawn out process, its still not over. THIS IS AN ELECTION YEAR PEOPLE!!!!!! THINGS CAN HAPPEN AND POLITICIANS CAN WORK FOR YOU IN AN ELECTION YEAR….

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