Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | May 2, 2010


the County must, under the holding of Las Vegas Taxpayer Accountability Committee v. City of Las Vegas, 125 Nev. l7 (2009), initiate an action in a court of law seeking declaratory, injunctive or other relief to prevent the measure’s placement on the ballot.

Jungo respectfully requests that the County recognize the legal infirmities contained in the Initiative Petition and initiate a suit to prevent its placement on the ballot as expeditiously as possible.

Click here to read the letter

You should feel confident that this initiative is valid and make the decision not to file suit against the committee, and ultimately against the citizens you are elected to protect.


  1. Who is Recology going to sue next? They have taken the liberty to sue the County Commissioners and the Initiative Committee. Who’s next, NAG, private citizens, or judges? This is just crazy. We as citizens of Humboldt County need to vote for the proposal to stop waste brought to our county. Vote in November against Recology. If your not registered, do it, and vote. Let’s put an end to this madness of companies wanting to import garbage to our state.

  2. Just when I was getting over the fact that a company allegedly wanting to do business in Winnemucca was OK with their lawyers refering to locals as angry citizens, this same company DIRECTS local officials to stop local voters citizens initiative and therefore voter rights.

    What’s next, Recology/Jungo to crown themselves King?

    • Jungo/Recology will use the law to pursue their interests. That is its right (and I use the pronoun on purpose). But that should not trump the rights of citizens who are participating in the democratic process to make their will known. It is a weird situation for this company to have standing, to exist as a legal entity if you will, and thereby act as if it is a person, yet to have that solitary standing count for more, if not the equivalent of. the many actual people who signed the petition.
      Jungo/Recology’s interest is economic, nothing more. If it is a publicly-held company I can understand that it also has an interest on behalf of its shareholders, but that doesn’t excuse its selfishness. If it is a private company, that just indicates more selfishness. Either way, the people behind the company must be prideful and venal to pursue their interests (monetary) at the expense of the health, environmental, and self-determination interests of the citizens of Humboldt County.

      • Rob,

        Thank you for still caring about Winnemucca!

        Lianne Iroz

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