Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | May 22, 2010


On Friday, May 21 at a hearing held in Carson City, NV, a three judge panel denied an appeal filed by Bob Dolan, Massey Mayo, and Phil Jacka that challenged the legality of the air quality permit issued to Jungo Land and Investments on March 5, 2010. The hearing was strictly about air quality and turned into a rehash of the air quality hearing held in Winnemucca back in August 2009. Factors such as dust, soil types, wind velocity and direction, dust devils, airborne trash, toxins, and contaminants were all deemed irrelevant. The terms of the permit state that no emissions are allowed off of the site. How this is accomplished is up to the operator, and best available methods must be employed. Since Jungo agrees with the terms of the permit, conditions in the area are of no concern. If violations should occur, it then becomes an enforcement issue.
Jungo Land and Investments, Inc./Recology Gets the fine and the folks down wind/stream from the site get the hazards that are blown or seep in their direction.



  1. Unfortunate news that the appeal was denied. The silver lining, if there is one (and it will take plenty of gold, i.e. money to pursue), is that any violation by Recology should result in a lawsuit. And since there is no way they can control all of those aeolian factors, be they duststorms, dust devils and so on, Recology is going to have to have deep pockets to TRY to control them and then to pay the fines and court costs for failing to do so. Provided we measure the air pollution (independent of the dust) and take them to court…every time the wind blows!
    Secondarily, how about a voter petition to rewrite the law that the state agency applied?

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