Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | June 6, 2010

Press Democrat – June 5, 2010

Press Democrat - June 5, 2010

Sonoma County may reopen landfill

Sonoma County may reopen landfill
Sonoma County’s troubled central landfill again will take center stage Tuesday as county supervisors are set to award contracts for the short- and long-term reopening of the shuttered site.
The first of those deals calls for a limited, temporary resumption of waste disposal at the landfill west of Cotati. It also includes renewing current trash collection services at four transfer stations, plus hauling and waste disposal at a landfill outside Sonoma County.
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  1. I view this as a positive development that indicates there are communities out there willing to live with and dispose of their garbage locally, rather than send it off into someone else’s back yard. “And it makes sense to me that the less you travel, the cheaper it is.” A very true statement unless you can find cheap land elsewhere and where the permitting process is much less costly and strict than in your local area.

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