Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | July 2, 2010

The Humboldt Sun – July 1, 2010

Landfill court battle continues
No hearing date set at this time
WINNEMUCC A—Although no hearing appears on the calendar at this time, actions are ongoing in the federal court case regarding Jungo Land and Investment, Inc. (JLII) v. Humboldt County and its board of commissioners, both wholly and individually.
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  1. Recology applied for an extension for their CUP and ultimately it was denied by the County Board of Commissioners due to Recology’s own procrastination. Recology has chosen to sue the county and the commissioners for denying them their rights as property owners, when, in fact, Recology only has a lease on the property in question. Once the citizenry woke up to what was proposed; an initiative petition was organized and signed by the county voters and, if unchallenged by Recology lawyers, will go before the voters in November. These lawyers actually strongly suggested the county commissioners and the District Attorney file suit against the initiative to prevent it from going on the November ballot. Fortunately, the commissioners declined.

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