Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | July 15, 2010

Dr. Elizabeth Austin presents an in depth analysis of data submitted to the NDEP

It would seem the point of this slide presentation is that Jungo land and investments submitted inaccurate information and data in their application to NDEP.
According to Dr. Austin, who looked at the best available data (i.e. the ASOS system at the Winnemucca Airport) there is a significant underestimation of erosion in Golder’s Appendix “H”.
The reason the SEC was not concerned with this information was due to the agency’s position that Appendix “H” (which is displayed in part in this slide presentation) was not part of the Air Quality Permit Application, but rather part of the Solid Waste Application, despite this Appendix being displayed on NDEP’s Air Quality website.
There is an incredibly strong message in how wrong Recology‘s consultants are in this data… so where does it go from here? How wrong are these people? And gee, BP didn’t have to have an EIS last year because they were so ‘right’… and the jungo road landfill has never had an EIS either.
To view the slid presentation you must Click here then click on the download button in the center of the image. Another dialogue box will appear, click on the open button. It will take about two minutes to load (the file is large) but it’s worth the wait.


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