Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | August 12, 2010

DO YOU KNOW? August 12,2010

That Humboldt County is expected to receive over five (5) million dollars A YEAR in Ad Valorem taxes on the Ruby Pipeline once it’s operational? That’s on top of the jobs it is bringing to the area during the construction phase. The project has set aside 20 million dollars to mitigate any damage done along the pipeline easement. They have provided a comprehensive Environmental Impact Study for federal and local governments to review and have invited input from counties affected by the projects massive undertaking within their borders. The project should have NO major negative environmental impact or health and safety concerns and will provide much needed clean energy to communities it will service. So WHY are we even entertaining the notion of a huge landfill with all of the problems that could quite possibly accompany it? The pipeline will bring us five times more income every single year it operates.


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