Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | October 7, 2010

JOIN THE DEBATE October 7, 2010

On October 14th, the Nevada Broadcasters Foundation, in cooperation with the Nevada Broadcasters Association and YouTube are bringing you a live debate between Nevada Senate candidates Sharron Angle and Harry Reid. What questions do you have for the candidates?

Submit them in video or text, and vote on your favorites. Some of the top-voted questions will be asked during the debate on October 14th.

The deadline is October 12th, so submit your questions today!

How about getting these candidates to answer the question about their views on the Jungo Road Landfill? The more people that submit the question the more likely it will get on the question list for the debate.

Click here to access the site
Share this with your friends. Put on web sites you may have!
Everyone is welcome to join in. Thanks in advance!
There is a text question submitted on the Jungo Road issue at this site. You must register and sign in (free). Next, click on the “other” category and find the landfill question and vote. You can either go to the site and vote for this question and/or come up with a better worded one for the debate. You are encouraged to do both!
The question reads…”Recology plans to train in 4000 tons of nonrecycleable CA waste, 5 days a wk for 95 yrs to Jungo Rd, just outside Winnemucca. No environment impact study required by state, local officials. Many citizens opposed. Yes or no, do you support this project?”
Here’s some suggested words for your video (30 seconds) or text (up to 250 characters), but since many of you are quite literate, write your own script or text!
“While many note moving forward with the Jungo Road Landfill is a local decision, there is state involvement for permits for air and waste management; and some governor involvement that appeared to be pro-Jungo Road Landfill in the past.
Nevada does not require an environmental impact study (EIS), inclusive of underground aquifers and wildlife. Local officials did not consider requiring an EIS . The company applying to build this landfill of 4000 tons of non-recycleable California waste 5 days per week for 95 years, Recology, is looking for an exception to Nevada Statute to build much closer than the law allows. There is no energy being produced from this landfill. Any recycleable items will be pulled out in California and re-used/sold there. Recology did not fulfill the obligation of their 3-year conditional use permit (CUP). Recology blamed ‘angry citizens’ opposed to the landfill. Yet, by Recology’s own timeline, these ‘angry citizens’ didn’t get involved until 2 years into the time frame of the CUP, so, they could not have deterred the project. When Humboldt County Commissioners did not agree to extend the CUP for another 5 years, Recology responded by not only suing the county, but the individual commissioners as well. Interestingly, the Humboldt Development Authority solicited funds and involvement from Recology for a ‘futures planning’ project, even though they do not have a local business and are suing local authorities.
Nevada looks to be an attractive option for companies like Recology in terms of lighter regulations, limited knowledge on hosting and tipping fees others command, and lesser environmental rules. Many voters are very concerned about this issue, including Nevada residents outside of Humboldt County.
Please advise where you stand on the issue. We’d prefer to know whether you are for the landfill or against it; NOT a statement that this is a local issue. In considering this stance, please do consider the promise vs actual results from Recology in Lincoln County, their discussions in Carson City, and the fact they have the potential to expand this landfill on Jungo Road from one section to four.”


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