Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | November 8, 2010

The Sacramento Bee – November 8, 2010

Editorial: Finally, city will stop shipping trash to Nevada
A slew of contracts set to be voted on by the City Council and county supervisors Tuesday would end the city’s 12-year practice of trucking its garbage 154 miles across the Sierra to a desert in western Nevada for disposal.
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  1. For America Recycles Day, Recology has sent out a very nice press release on how they can continue to work with San Francisco to reduce landfill. Which is great. Together SF and Recology have done wonderful things. However, I ask, how can Recology send 4000 tons of non-recycleable CA waste (not from San Francisco) per week for 95 years, and dump it in Nevada, without an environmental impact statement and with 70% of the people being against it (voters in favor of reducing the amount of out of state waste). Please click on the tab above labeled ‘trifold’ and email the link to that brochure to 1000 of your closest friends and politicians asking them to stop Jungo Road.

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