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Last week, November 16 and 17, Recology put on a seminar on recycling at the local campus of Great Basin College. The following is a synopsis of the event.

Clip #1 In this video, you see the Great Basin staffer, Ken Hladek, introduce himself, state that he also works for Recology, and that he has cleared the event with a Great Basin supervisor. The program begins with the main focus being on the California recycling program and all the great things Recology is doing regarding this effort. It should be pointed out that recycling is mandated by law in California and that Recology must participate in that program in order to operate. It should also be pointed out that San Francisco has the highest recycling rate in the country, but that none of the waste that would be coming to the proposed Jungo site would be coming from San Francisco since the city prohibits the export of their waste out of the state. There was some mention in the program about the recycling efforts that have gone on in Winnemucca and generally suggested that the interest is present and that we can do better.

Clip #2 As you can see, in the second clip Recology does not want to talk about their real agenda; to open and operate a megafill out Jungo Road where they will bury all the non-recyclable garbage, sewage sludge, asbestos and shredded tires coming from the Bay Area and who knows where else. (And bury all this within 30 feet or so of an active aquifer). If it were not for this desire, would Recology ever in a thousand years show up in Winnemucca to “educate” us about recycling? Why not Elko or Lovelock or a hundred other towns between here and San Francisco?
Two other items of interest surface during this clip. Recology has opened an office in the strip mall across from Khoury’s at 1038 Grass Valley Road. Property records show that that property is owned by the Mayor of Winnemucca. Mr. Hladek also states that it is Recology’s intention to take their recycling seminar into the local school system. Shameful! If they can’t convince the voters and parents of how good a huge dump will be for them, then PLAN B; get to the parents through their children by talking about Recology at school.


The seminar invitation shows the sponsors are the local landfill operator/recycler, the Community Garden, and Recology. It’s Interesting that the only people there were Recology people. Apparently on the second evening of the presentation at the end of the program, Mr. Hladek was apologizing for no one from the landfill being there when the landfill operator stood up, stated her name, and also stated that no one had contacted her about the seminar. It’s also interesting that of the board members talked to so far at the Community Garden, none of them were aware of their “sponsorship”. That does not mean that someone could not have made that decision, on their own (Ken Hladek was once a board member at the community Garden), and failed to inform the others. That just means that so far, of the people contacted, none of them were aware of the situation. Feel free to draw your own conclusions from this information..
The Seminar Flyer:



  1. If you have questions on these ‘recycling classes’, or Great Basin Community college policy, all contact information is at their website on:

    While it is clear Recology and the cityof San Francisco have done amazing things together with recycling, it is MY personal opinion that should Recology teach ‘recycling’ in the Humboldt County school system, they are actually exploiting the system for their own public relations and legal case to move forward with the Jungo Road landfill.

    I have not confirmed with the local school district whether or not Recology would actually be doing any ‘recycling’ teaching in the school district.

    It is also MY opinion we would all benefit from recycling and composting education. But if an external partner is needed to perform that education, it should be an unbiased partner, not one in the process of suing Humboldt County for loss of revenue.

    If you have questions on these ‘recycling classes’, or Great Basin Community college policy, all contact information is at their website on:

    The Humboldt County school district web site is All contact information for the school district, including email addresses, is at

    Let’s keep our eye on the fact that Recology is looking to bring in 20,000 TONS A WEEK of NON-RECYCLEABLE waste to this community. A community that could surely benefit from recycling; but is only putting about 15,000 TONS A YEAR in the local landfill.

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