Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | December 20, 2010


Before an overflow crowd at the Humboldt County Courthouse Commission Chambers, the Humboldt County Board of Commissioners voted 4 to 1 NOT to accept the proposed settlement agreement with Recology (Jungo Land and Investments). The lone holdout vote FOR acceptance was voiced by Commissioner Garley Amos.

A huge thank you goes out to all the citizens of Humboldt County who showed up to voice their opinions and support……and there were many. The meeting lasted for three hours with only a short break. During the sometimes contentious meeting, only one person stepped forward to express any support for the proposed agreement and for Recology in general.

Video highlights of the meeting will be posted as soon as possible.



  1. When and where can i sign the recall petition?

    • Recall is certainly a tool that is available to us should the need arise; however, it is not to be used lightly or vindictively as it could easily backfire. Garly Amos is a beloved parade grand marshall type and is well liked by his fellow commissioners. Frankly, I doubt that a petition drive requiring 25% of current registered voters’ signatures would succeed against Garly let alone a recall election and if it did we may well end up with someone much worse in his place or lose the support of the other commissioners that we have worked so long and hard to obtain. I’m more interested in learning why he voted as he did knowing that 70% of the voters he represents are opposed to this project. Maybe his concerns can be addressed. Rather than hammer on old Garly I think this is a time for kudos for the other four, what they did demonstrated real courage voting, in effect, for Recology to continue lawsuits against them as individuals. It blew me away that their insurance pool lawyer didn’t see a problem with the conflict of interest position that he put them in. The commissioners need to get themselves a better lawyer, one who is up to the protracted legal struggle that awaits us. Richard Cook

  2. Has there been a recall petition started for the hold out?

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