Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | February 7, 2011


There was a general discussion about the recycling program agenda item at the February 7 commission meeting. Bill Deist stated that the request has always been for profit or non-profit bids and that typically bids are usually submitted on the last day of the deadline. That means that at 5pm on February 11, four days from now, it should be known how many and who has submitted bids. A few questions were asked, such as: If Recology submits a bid, will the county consider doing business with someone who is suing us? The DA and the commissioners refused to speculate on something that has not yet happened, especially in light of the ongoing legal proceedings. Dee Dee DeLong spoke briefly to the commissioners and expressed her gratitude for their past support for the existing local recycling effort.

The bids will be discussed at the February 22 meeting of the landfill committee and this committee does have the discretion to award the recycling grant at this time. Updates as to the time and location of this meeting will be posted on this site.

In unrelated developments, Nevadans Against Garbage has learned that the Writ of Mandamus hearing scheduled for February 14 in Reno Federal Court has been postponed and it is not known at this time when the hearing will be rescheduled. Apparently the original judge tapped to try the case, Judge Reed, was replaced. The presiding judge is now Judge Robert Clive Jones if we understand correctly. If we learn of the reason for the change, we will post it here.


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