Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | February 18, 2011


Reno Gazette-Journal’s – 2020 project works on their vision for the economic stability of Nevada by stating a number of observations including:

Significant opportunities exist to solve California’s waste problem: Our neighbors to the west are not permitting new landfills. Taking unsorted waste from California and monetizing it through recycling and energy production allows us to build a new industry and create jobs.

Action Items: Create a delegation of government and private industry executives to immediately begin the outreach process to California officials. Legislative and regulatory hurdles should be eliminated. Permitting and licensing should be fast tracked to promote investment from private industry.

Sure, let’s eliminate regulatory hurdles and fast track permitting and licensing.  That’s a great idea as long as any landfill is located in the neighborhood of the group proposing this “idea”.  Let’s face it,  that will never happen.  The authors of this plan will pick some small, out of the way area, kind of like, say, Winnemucca, and we will end up with the garbage and they will end up with the bulk of the money.  Besides, any waste coming here from California or any other place will not be “unsorted”.  If there is a buck to be made, valuable material will be taken out at the source and what would come to Nevada would be the worst of the worst.  Recology has already told us that.

To read the RGJ article and see what you think of these proposals, click here.

About the RGJ’s Reno 2020 project – WHO THEY ARE
Fiscal Policy
Leader: Dick Bostdorff, organizational effectiveness consultant
» Glen Atkinson, Univeristy of Nevada, Reno
» Mike Bosma, Bosma Group
» Valerie Clark, Clark & Associates
» Ty Cobb, Northern Nevada Network
» Norm Dianda, Q&D Construction
» Candace Evart, economic consultant
» Gary MacDonald, Mercedes Benz of Reno
» Joe Mayer, Mayer & Associates
» Gregory Peek, ERGS Inc.
» Mike Reed, Nevada System of Higher Education, retired
» Ron Zideck, Whittier Trust

Green Energy
Leader: Tom Clark, Holland & Hart
» Stacey Crowley, Nevada Office of Energy
» Kyle Davis, Nevada Conservation League
» Alex Gamboa, Envirolution
» Kyle Gardella, Reliant Electric
» Alan Gertler, Clean Tech. and Renewable Energy Center, DRI
» Lauren Scott, Apollo Bioenergy

Economic Innovation
Leader: Darik Volpa, CEO
» Walt Borland, Clean Energy Foundation
» Cort Christie, Nevada Corporate Headquarters
» David Garcia, Holland & Hart
» Stephanie Kruse, KPS3
» Robb Smith, Integral
» Par Tolles, Trammell Crow

Leader: Heath Morrison, Washoe County School District
» Bill Cathey, University of Nevada, Reno
» Chris Cheney, UNR
» Daryl Drake, Council for Excellence in Education
» Milt Glick, UNR
» Ken Grein, WCSD
» Estela Gutierrez, WCSD, TMCC
» Steve Hull, WCSD
» Ginny Jackson, Education Alliance
» Dan Klaich, Nevada System of Higher Education
» Barbara McLaury, WCSD
» Jim Pfrommer, Education Alliance
» Maria Sheehan, TMCC
» Len Stevens, Northern Nevada Chamber of Commerce
» Jane Tors, UNR


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