Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | March 3, 2011


The next Humboldt County Commission meeting is scheduled for March 7, 2011 and is to begin at 9:30 am. A joint session between the county and city is scheduled for 11:30 am. Of special interest is item B: Discussion regarding the filling of the position of Planning Director which is part of the cost share agreement.

If Humboldt County would have had a properly trained competent planning director, then we probably would not find ourselves in the predicament we are in today; being sued by a company that is trying to force us to accept a dump that the vast majority of voters do not want.

Several people have spoken out against hiring a planning director. They are entitled to their opinions. Their main opposition seems to be that the city and county can’t afford to hire someone at this time due to economic conditions. Really? But the city can spend upwards of a million dollars to purchase and then remodel a car collection/gas station type facility and convert it into a police station. Yet the city is only being asked to supply 25% of the cost of a county planner.

Another argument is that things are going along just fine the way they are. Really? Or does that just depend on WHO you are? What are the motives behind the people not wanting a planner? Why do they like things the way they are? The Winnemucca Futures project that was held a few months ago hit upon a theme of “shared abundance”. It was thought that the best direction for the city and county was for decisions to be made that were in the best interests of the majority of the people, and that the majority should share in the rewards of these decisions. Some of the same people who are now saying that things are fine the way they are were willing to spend thousands of dollars to determine the future of Winnemucca a short time ago. What changed? Or is “shared abundance” just a buzz word that really means “as long as I get what I want, things are just fine”?

How many people realize that Humboldt County is only one of two counties in Nevada that does not employ the services of a county planner? What’s wrong with having a properly trained planner to map out the direction of county growth and tackle the challenges of the future that will benefit the majority of the citizens of this county? Can we afford NOT to have a county planner?

To read the entire commission agenda, click here.

Please plan on attending the commission meeting. Voice your concerns. You don’t have to sit through the entire meeting. Be there just prior to 11:30, walk in and sit down. Or, if you are interested in other matters, show up anytime. Email letters to the commissioners if you aren’t able to attend. Don’t be left out.


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