Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | March 29, 2011


Don’t think Winnemucca or Nevada is the only area of the country being targeted to become a waste capital. Take a look at Alabama. The Governor there recently suspended permits for proposed large landfills. Take a look.

Citizens in Alabama have filled hearing rooms just like happened here in Winnemucca and with the overwhelming majority solidly against a landfill.

A judge ruled against the Town of Repton after a court hearing Tuesday, allowing a public hearing on a proposed Conecuh County landfill to go on as planned Thursday. Sound familiar? The Humboldt County Commissioners denied an extension to Recology’s CUP. A judge then issued a stay. Read the story here.

An outside analysis by an engineer hired by Citizens for a Clean Southwest Alabama has rated the proposed Conecuh Woods landfill as poor based on criteria in the county’s Solid Waste Management Plan.  Remember the soils report submitted by Creg Plummer to the Humboldt County Planning Commission that stated “The proposed site is rated “very limited” ….read the rest. This isn’t counting the fact that regulations state that the minumum distance to groundwater must be 100 feet (exceptions) and the distance in Desert Valley is 60 feet. Or that Recology will dig down to within 30 feet of groundwater.  Or that NDEP has stated that they will not assume that liners will not leak.

Finally, here is a link to a site such as our own. Please take a minute and read about the concerns expressed there. Sound familiar again? Their U. S. Senator opposed; ours too. Property values declining; probably so. They might be getting an aircraft manufacturing plant; we have the Ruby Pipeline.

Sparsely populated rural areas are very attractive locations for large waste companies to target. The regulations aren’t nearly as strict as where they come from, and why not put your garbage in someone Else’s yard. It makes your yard look sooo much better.


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