Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | April 6, 2011

WIND! WHAT WIND? April 6, 2011

Today, April 6, was a little breezy, but not nearly as bad as we’ve all seen it. No worries! Airborne emissions will not be allowed off the proposed Jungo Landfill site. NDEP says so. And, if that should happen, NDEP will be there to issue citations. Of course, they are only required to visit the site once yearly as it applies to the air quality permit. These are the same people who stood before the citizens of this county and proclaimed that methane is not a poisonous gas and asbestos is not a hazardous material… least as far a Nevada statutes are concerned.

Take a look at this video shot while steadying against the top of a fence post along Water Canyon Road and looking in the direction of the proposed landfill.  We experience these winds sometimes several days a month, and sometimes several days a week.   Draw your own conclusions.


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