Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | May 12, 2011


Here is another good neighbor example of the way Recology operates in San Francisco. If they can wield this kind of power and influence in a large metropolitan area such as SF, does anyone really think that they won’t own Humboldt County if they ever manage to get their foot in the door?

‘Sunset Scavenger has acknowledged the billing error, but has refused to pay back the charges using various excuses and false arguments. Sunset Scavenger has even gone as far as possibly intimidating some of our witnesses.’

Click here to read about the contract violations and excess charges by Sunset Scavenger, a subsidiary of Recology that operates in San Francisco. This is a letter from a member of a Condominium Homeowners Association in the city.



  1. The letter from the Alamo Square Homeowners Association also mentions a link to a web site, where they say they will provide updates on this issue. Be sure to click on the diagram they created to see a picture of how they’ve attempted to follow up with the city and Recology (Sunset Scavenger). Here’s the link:

    As I pondered the diagram, I reflected on material from the Jungo Rd/NDEP web site on how operational processes would be monitored (or not). Hope we don’t end up with a similar diagram if this landfill were to happen.

  2. when will we be able to see what was discussed or determined at the meeting.

    • Nothing has been heard so far about the meeting. Keep in mind that it has only been two days, and nothing much ever happens on a weekend. If/when anything is discovered that relates to this matter, it will be posted. In the meantime, here is a web address that will tell more about this case and has numerous other links that you can follow–

      It has been learned the presentations were before a judge. There was a presentation by Recology (a truck driver and someone else). There were 4 to 6 people at the hearing. No one else was allowed to talk. The decision will be made in about two weeks.

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