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At the meeting of the June 6 Humboldt County Commission, it was decided to postpone the request for proposal for the hiring of an independent consultant to comment on the plan of operations for the proposed Jungo landfill. Currently Jungo is on its fourth revision to its plan of operations, and it seemed futile to the commissioners to request a proposal for an expert to testify on a plan that is constantly being changed. The commission did agree that it would be beneficial to try to obtain a more definite timeline or schedule from NDEP. For those who would like to view the proceedings, the video is posted below.



  1. I’m not sure I got everything out of the video that occurred in the meeting (hearing, not being there, etc). But, I was fairly concerned after reading this.

    It didn’t appear all the Commissioners, or the commenter toward the end, have read the letter from Director Drozdoff to Commissioner Fransway. I THINK this is the one Commissioner Fransway references in his comments at the meeting. I’m referring to this letter (posted publicly on the NDEP/Jungo Project web site)

    This letter very clearly states
    1)The NDEP is proceeding with the permitting process, including a public notification on whether or not they will recommend an operating permit or not, and an estimated public comment in the May/June 2011 time frame (meaning the ‘stay’ in April that Recology gained thru the courts set the time frame back to pre-CUP expiration, so NDEP is proceeding).
    2)The NDEP will NOT issue a permit until the legal issues are resolved (Recology suing Humboldt County and the individual commissioners). But they WILL proceed with public comment.
    3)There are ways to request an extension on public comment.

    I didn’t get a sense those 3 points were understood in the discussion. But again, it’s difficult to tell from a video (which is a great video Steve and thanks for it!).

    If I understand it correctly,
    a)The commissioners voted to table the idea of hiring the consultant given the NDEP is still dealing with materials from Recology/Jungo that are a moving target. No use wasting money to review changing materials.
    b)The commissioners voted to get a date from NDEP on when the paperwork is final from Recology/Jungo.
    c)If an RFP is needed to hire a consultant, I can’t tell if they got approval or even need approval to write that RFP. I believe that, even tho the NDEP/Recology documents are changing, an RFP that is drafted to be pretty close to the issue and consultancy skill set needed is a do-able thing. Is approval needed to write that RFP, how much of a delay will that cause after the NDEP goes to public comment? Please tell me they can write the RFP now.
    d)If an extension is needed on public commentary, do the commissioners have to have a meeting to agree to asking that of the NDEP or not? Did they agree to that in this meeting if it is needed.

    So, was everything covered to be poised for action? RFP? Extension on public comment? Because, yes, the NDEP is going ahead with public comment regardless of the lawsuits. And we need someone qualified to comment. Granted, the NDEP may not make the June timeline for notification (which then gives 30 days for public comment….not the end of June) given Recology/Jungo delays on responses/paperwork.

    But, does Humboldt County have everything in alignment to pull the trigger, including asking for an extension and selecting the right consultant as soon as the NDEP says paperwork is final?

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