Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | July 7, 2011


On January 19, 2011, Jungo, pursuant to a stipulation between the parties, filed an amended complaint. (See Stipulation (#91); Amended Compl. (#92)). In general, Jungo alleged that Defendants improperly impaired, obstructed, and delayed Jungo from satisfying the conditions of the CUP; interfered with the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection’s (“NDEP”) issuance of Jungo’s air quality permit; intentionally acted to incite public opposition to the Jungo project, subjected Jungo to additional conditions, and obstructed Jungo’s ability to satisfy existing conditions of the CUP; and held unauthorized proceedings regarding the Jungo project with the intention of obstructing and delaying Jungo’s ability to satisfy the conditions of the CUP. (Amended Compl. (#92) at 11-12, 14, 17).

WHAT A BUNCH OF FALSEHOODS! The timeline for Jungo to meet the three year terms of their CUP were well established. The citizens of this county did not even awaken to what was going on until two years into this timeline. The Jungo lackadaisical approach to meeting the conditions and time constraints of the CUP are the source of Jungo’s problems, not the citizenry and not the Humboldt County Commissioners. To suggest the things in the above paragraph is laughable. So the reason angry citizens had to fill the commission meeting room and practically beat the commissioners over the head on several occasions to get them to reflect the will of the people was because the commissioners incited this public opposition to the Jungo project. Sure….Right!

Click here to read the entire court document filed on 7-5-2011.



  1. san francisco trash should be san franciscos problem in there juridiction==ie i live in london ontario and toronto ontario bought a landfill site on london ontarios doorstep and know we are called the garbage city [in your case the garbage county] it was underhanded and has caused problems for the city to operate its economic development program [ in your case agricultural programs] ie plastic bags blowing all over the place and up in trees etc

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