Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | July 11, 2011


Tony Kelly, who is leading the effort, accuses the garbage company of retaining two signature-gathering firms just so he couldn’t hire those companies for his own petition-signing effort. He also said suspected that agents of Recology offered to buy signed petitions from the signature gatherers he did hire. Finally, he suspects Recology set in motion a city enforcement action against the initiative’s backer. “It’s more dirty tricks and sleaze than anything else,” Kelly said.

Recology spokesman Sam Singer dismissed Kelly’s suggestions that his client is interfering with the signature collection. “These guys are full of conspiracies,” Singer said. “This is a competitor that wants to try to disrupt and ruin San Francisco’s world-class recycling program,” Singer said. “They’re looking to make money for themselves.”

This is interesting. To begin with, Kelly’s accusations fit with some of Recology’s (Norcal) past business practices. But Recology sees a competitor conspiracy behind every garbage can. Will the real conspiracy theorist please stand up?

To read the San Francisco Examiner article, click here.

Kelly was unable to collect enough signatures, but he said he will attempt to place the measure on the June 2012 ballot.

Click here to read the SF Examiner story. The part about Recology starts about half way down.


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