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Waste Management sues SF over garbage contract

So, now WMAC is taking its concerns to the Superior Court, asking that the court require DoE to scrap its tentative contract award to Recology for both waste disposal and waste transportation, and issue a new request for proposal to comply with existing competitive bidding requirements.

The move comes two days before the Board’s Budget and Finance subcommittee was scheduled to vote on approving a 10-year landfill disposal and facilitation agreement with Recology.

Click here to read the full San Francisco Bay Guardian article.

Readers should remember the words of Recology’s CEO from our post on June 10, 2011 (IF RECOLOGY IS FORCED TO COMPETE FOR SF GARBAGE, HOW MIGHT THAT AFFECT HUMBOLDT COUNTY?). “Why would I want to put this company at risk and go through that headache?” Mr. Sangiacomo asked. He added that his company “could be out of business” if forced to compete for the contract.

Sarah Phelan of SFBG asks some very good questions. Here’s one: Why pay $10 million to build a rail spur in Yuba County if San Francisco’s goal is to have zero waste by 2020? Click here to read the rest.

Subcommittee OKs sending S.F. trash to Yuba County.

A plan to send San Francisco trash by train to Yuba County is on its way to the full Board of Supervisors in the Bay Area city, after a subcommittee approved it Wednesday afternoon without a recommendation.  Read more.



  1. I think it’s also interesting to reflect on Waste Management’s law suit when you take a gander at this reporters dig into the proposed contract between Recology and San Francisco. Not pretty:

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