Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | July 24, 2011


Both Senator Reid and Senator Heller labor under the false impression that garbage from San Francisco would be in the waste stream coming from California. The City of San Francisco, to their credit, prohibits their garbage from going out of state. It is on the record that waste would be coming from the nine county Bay Area. Or at least that is what we believe to be true and on the public record as quoted by Alberti.   Those areas do not have the same recycling goals and standards as San Francisco.

Senator Reid realizes that the Humboldt County Board of Commissioners voted NO on Recology’s request to extend their three year CUP time limit another five years.  Senator Heller seems to think that the commissioners RECINDED the CUP.  They did not.

Senator Heller cites the RCRA and states that a member of the legislative branch cannot unduly influence ongoing litigation.  No one is asking Senator Heller to unduly influence ongoing litigation.  Voters are merely looking for a position statement such as they received from Senator Reid, and/or a statement of support—or not.

Senator Heller states that he will continue to monitor the permitting process.  As we understand it, there is no permitting process.  Everything is on hold pending the outcome of the legal proceedings.  It would be interesting to get both senators views on the commissioners being sued individually.  If public officials can be sued individually while honestly conducting their duties, who on earth would ever want to run for public office?

Senator Reid’s letter is posted three down from this entry.  Senator Heller’s letter is viewable here.  Here is the same form letter dated January 11, 2011.

If you wish to communicate with either senator:  Senator Reid    Senator Heller


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