Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | July 31, 2011


San Francisco’s garbage company, a long-time Willie Brown ally, tied to efforts to keep Ed Lee in office

“A big part of their business model is very, very, very, tight, expensive well-cultivated relationships with elected officials, which from time to time crosses over into bribery,” said Tony Kelly, a community activist who was leading a ballot initiative effort to force the city to open its garbage collection contract to an open bidding process. In the 1990s, a Norcal executive was sentenced to prison after investigators uncovered a bribery scheme in San Bernardino County that steered $20 million in contracts to the company. A former San Jose mayor was also indicted for his dealings with the company.

Read the full story here.

In a related story, it seems as though Recology garbage and recycling containers have popped up in the Civic Center area over the last week where they haven’t been before. Read and see for yourselves here.  This story also notes that SFBG reporter Sarah Phelan has been laid off. Maybe she did her job too well with reporting like this? Or this?

Kopp wants investigation of Mayor Lee’s friend, Rose Pak

Kopp, in his letter, requests Gascon convene a criminal grand jury to probe “corrupt influencing and other felony or misdemeanor misconduct.” Kopp said he was sending a similar letter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Francisco requesting a federal criminal investigation. Read more by clicking here.


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