Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | August 5, 2011


Nevadans Against Garbage filed this report back on May 29, 2010, in which the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance filed suit against Recology of Butte, Colusa Counties for massive violations of the state’s General Industrial Stormwater Permit.

This one came in under the radar, but, better late than never, here is an update posted from December 26, 2010 on the CSPA website. The interesting point here, and it’s something to think about as it might apply to Humboldt County, is that it took an independent group of committed activists to discover these violations and then bring suit to get the situation fixed; not the laws of California and the agencies charged with enforcing these laws and regulations. Of course, we all know that California, and now Nevada, is strapped for funding and lacking in enforcement personnel, and this is before the question gets raised of do the enforcement agencies have the will to stand up to big business and do their job. Where would we be if a similar situation arose in Humboldt County? Would the county file suit to protect the environment and the health and welfare of the citizens?


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