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Environmental groups have sued San Francisco over that city’s plans to send train loads of its trash to rural Yuba County. “We do not want 5 million tons of San Francisco’s waste in Yuba County,” said Brigit Barnes, an attorney for the Yuba Group. The Recology contract, which is scheduled to begin in 2015, has been heavily opposed by Yuba County residents and environmentalists.

But it’s all right to send California garbage by the trainload to a poor quality location in rural Nevada? Yuba is a poor location also, but with all the land available in California, one would think there would be a suitable dump location somewhere. Until communities, counties and states are forced to deal with their own waste, people will continue to follow the path of least resistance. It’s the easiest, cheapest and most profitable way. Why should anyone place garbage in their own yard when they can put it on the their neighbors’ property?

To read the full Sacramento Bee story, click here.



  1. Greetings, Maxl:

    There appear to be 3 entities suing Recology and/or San Francisco over their plan to dump waste in Yuba County, CA and their process for picking a landfill vendor. Those groups are:

    1) Sustainability, Parks, Recycling and Wildlife Legal Defense Fund (SPRAWLDEF),
    2) Yuba Against Garbage (YuGAG) (a group like NAG in Yuba) and
    3) Waste Management (actually WM may be only suing San Francisco, I haven’t read their court petition). WM filed on July 18, the others are more current. WM is a Recology competitor.

    Of the 3 entities, it does look like SPRAWLDEF is more of an envionmental entity. Here’s their mission on their website:

    Amazing, 3 law suits in 6 weeks.

    Must be nice folks to do business with. Something to share with your neighbors, local politicos, family and local press. Especially to anyone you know that has gone on one of the road trips to Yuba. All lawsuit articles/announcements have been posted on the NAG website and Facebook page; but it’s always better if someone like you shares it along given people don’t always have time to check websites.

    Happy labor day weekend coming up!

  2. And ironically enough, what’s the rail path Recology plans to use if they get to send 20,000 tons of waste per week for 95 years? And when/where is there an environemental study on that? We know they aren’t doing one on the site; but it’s an interesting similarity in the lawsuit mentioned in the article re Yuba and Jungo Road. Two states are involved.

  3. are any evironmental groups interested in filing suit concerning jungo trash?

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