Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | October 26, 2011


Here’s what we know:

1) NDEP has published a letter stating that they will go to public comments on the landfill issue within 10 days of Oct. 17.   Elsewhere on their site they state that they expect to go to public comment sometime in November.   Additionally, they will hold a public meeting in Winnemucca.

Please note that NDEP’s letter to Recology cc’s Recology’s legal council and excludes the Humboldt County Commissioners and the county legal team.

2) It has been learned via telephone conversation with Vinson Guthreau, PR for NDEP, that the documentation on the NDEP Jungo Road Landfill site are not 100% current and that they plan to do a major refresh of the documents on or about Oct. 27, just before they open public comments.

This is odd. The public NDEP Jungo web site states ‘The documents below represent the most current documents under formal review by the NDEP for the Jungo Landfill Permit Application. They supersede any previous versions of documents previously posted on this website.’ So, naturally, everyone thought the documents on NDEP’s site were the most up to date; but at the last minute we find out that’s not the case. Even Recology knew this, but no one else did.

3) Recology’s local boy, Ken Hladek, is conducting tours of the proposed Jungo Site. These are what you would expect. “The project is safe and will be a great thing for Humboldt County”. Recology has also sponsored a public service page in the Humboldt Sun for the past several months in an effort to garner support for a landfill that over 70% of the residents have voiced opposition to. Additionally, they have conducted tours from Winnemucca to their Wheatland, CA dump which are designed to try to change public opinion towards the Jungo Project.

4) Oral arguments in the case of Jungo Land and Investments vs Humboldt County are scheduled for Monday, January 9, 2012 in Reno Courtroom 6 before Chief Judge Robert C. Jones.

So it looks like there’s a big push on by Recology and NDEP to have all the paperwork in order to issue an operating permit to Jungo for a class 1 landfill even before the results of the legal proceedings that are scheduled for January 9, 2012 are known. This would appear to put a lot of pressure on Judge Jones. If the residents of Humboldt County do not want to be saddled with a Class 1 landfill of the size and scope of the proposed Jungo Landfill, they better start preparing their public comments(click here for project documentation) to submit to NDEP, and they better be prepared to show up in mass at public meetings AND Reno Courtroom 6 on January 9. This thing still hinges on the decision of the judge. The official dates and times for public comments and meetings will be widely published and will definitely be available on this site.



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